Berlin Bike Tour

A bike tour is the best way to get to know the city with its beautiful sights and history. This is because Berlin is relatively flat and easy to cruise and traffic is very understanding and not aggressive to a cyclist. No matter if it rains or shines, (appropriate clothes make the weather okay) you will be delighted by its exceptional sights and historical places and the city’s unique story.

Since most of Berlin is covered by parks, the air in the city is exceptionally good to ride on, so just imagine, sunny or rainy, with a fresh breeze, sharing your impression at the end of the day or during the visit in one of the local cafes or beer gardens!

Our experience and professional multilingual native speaking guides will take great care of you and 3 hours that you spend together will be the most enjoyable and entertaining time ever.

During your tour you will have an opportunity to make an acquaintance with a new city, meet new people and fill your memories with unforgettable places, times and knowledge.

All-In-One tour:

All-In-One bike tour covers the most important periods of Berlin’s existence: From the settlement of Berlin, its history during the Prussian Monarchy, the Weimar Republic, the third Reich 1933 – 1945, the Cold War and its Wall and modern Berlin as the capital of one of the most important countries in Europe today.

Highlights of our tour:

  • Red Town Hall
  • Nikolai Quarter Schloßplatz (with Nikolai church)
  • August Bebelplatz
  • Humboldt University
  • Schinkel’s (New Guard)
  • German Histrorical Museum
  • Berliner Dom & Old Museum
  • Branderburger Gate (Symbol of German Reunification 1791)
  • Reichstag Page Memorial Slabs (German Parliament 1884-1894)
  • Memorial of the Soviet Soldier (1995)
  • Holocaust Memorial
  • Hitler’s Bunker
  • Reichskanzlei
  • Beisheim Center
  • Potsdamer Platz with the Sony Center (modern pearl of Berlin with a shopping mall)
  • Bundesrat am Leipziger Platz
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • The official Wall Memorial
  • Alexanderplatz, TV Tower (called since the visit of the Russian Tsar Alexander I Romanov)
  • The Jewish Synagogue (1861)

Duration is 3 hours. Our new bikes will make the tour easy and relaxing. You will be able to choose your own level of pedal-pushing effort as well as a regulate height of your seat and handlebars. We can also provide you with baby-seats for your children (3-5 years) and baskets for your personal belongings. Our bikes ride softly and are stable, so you will enjoy the tour.

English, German, Spanish, Italian, French.

Address : Grunerstr. 5-7 corner Dircksenstr, 10179 Berlin (under the railway bridge)

Berlin Bike Tour